Willow Family Band can be booked at a number of different sizes and configurations to fit your event's needs. You can book Wil as a solo guitar/vocalist, or book Wil and Tara as a duo, adding percussion, or kit drums and percussion depending on the size and needs of the venue. We also have other musicians we play with on a regular basis, so we can bring in a sax player (he also plays flute, tin whistle, harmonica, and mandolin), and a lead guitar player. We also have a backup vocalist who is an incredible MC. Our repertoire includes about 50 original songs, and over 250 cover songs that Wil does his own renditions of. You can view those lists here.

Our fees run from $600.00 to $6000.00.

You can book us by calling Tara Kennedy at (504) 710-8382, or email with the form below: