About Us

We are professional musicians who have our own PC based recording and production facilities. We can normally be found fall, winter, and spring in New Orleans Louisiana in the USA. During the summer, we try to tour the US in places as varied as Thumbs in Concord, New Hampshire; the Blue Goose in Cambridge, Massachusetts; The Game Place Deck in New Braunfels, Texas;  Java's in Galveston, Texas;  New Amsterdam Coffeehaus or Club DaDa in Dallas, Texas and many others. We like to attend Rainbow Gatherings in the mid-summer. We have traveled with the Granola Funk and Gypsy Funk crews, and The End of the World Circus. In addition we have attended Burning Man and Burn Austin events. We, or our music, have appeared in films such as "Playing For Change" and "Hexing a Hurricane". Our music can be called acoustic eclectic, though it is rooted in folk, blues and rock. Elements of jazz, punk, country, flamenco, classical, native american, and alternative are evident in the music's styling and lyrics. We are an open-minded, spiritually positive, family oriented band. Our permanent members are songwriter, singer, guitarist, keyboardist, bass player and all around nice guy Willow, and his percussionist, backup vocalist and resident goddess wife Tara. We also play with a number of other talented musicians depending on the space. We are always interested in new venues. We love to share our music with any interested parties. May the road rise up to meet you.

Peace, Love, and Respect

Wil Kennedy "Willow"

Willow doesn't ever remember not playing music.  His grandmother said he started playing piano and writing songs at 2 years old.  He picked up a guitar at 9.

Tara Kennedy

Tara started playing drums in 1999 when Willow brought her to New Orleans and handed her a small doumbek and said, "You're the drummer....PLAY!"  Having been a dancer before she met Wil (ballet, jazz, modern, and TAP), she picked up the rhythms quickly and never looked back.  Tara tries to bring that sense of syncopation and dancing to her playing.  Her instrumentation includes her beloved djembe, congas, and a jazz kit comprised of kick, snare, high-hat, ride and splash.